Bradford John Stevens is a vampire and has been for two hundred and fifty years. But that doesn’t mean he knows that much about what being a vampire really means. And he doesn’t know that he carries something special in his blood, something that makes him unique, something that will change his world and set the vampire world that he doesn’t even know exists on its ear.

Jade cover

Jade: Bloodlines Book 1

Tired of living as a number in a drab cubicle, plain Jane Smith quits her job and invests her savings in reinventing herself. A sexy new wardrobe and hairstyle and her far-from-plain alter-ego Jade is born. Despite a dismal history on the dating scene, Jade takes the town by storm. And when her perfect man turns out to be a vampire, all is still well. Until all the other men she dated begin to disappear…
Available for Kindle and Nook.