(Not That Kind of) Discipline

So my loving husband looks at me and says, “you need discipline.”

I, of course, put down the laptop and, in my most lascivious tone, invite him to come discipline me.

“No, no,” he replies. “You need discipline as a writer.”

“Like with a quill pen?” I ask.

“No, like with metrics.”

I knew immediately that I would prefer the Sleeping Beauty style discipline.

He has a point though. The boring, he’s-right-about-this kind of point. He even has examples. For instance, Cherie Priest.

I love Cherie Priest. Her writing is strong, and her range is practically unlimited. There’s Boneshaker and the rest of the Clockwork Century series, Pacific Northwest steampunk. For a more modern take, there’s Bloodshot and Hellbent, the story of Raylene Pendle, a high tech vampire thief living something of a noir life. There are so many more, including the top of my reading list, her latest, Maplecroft: The Borden Dispatches, Lizzie Borden versus Lovecraftian horrors. Genius.

But it’s not her admirable talent as a writer that hubby pointed out. It’s her discipline. (No, Cherie’s not that kind of girl.) It’s the structured approach she takes to writing. She uses her blog as a creative outlet and as a progress indicator. Check out her blog to see what I’m talking about. Or better yet, check out this blog as I use (swear!) the tools hubby sets up for me.

Maybe if I’m good, I’ll finally get some discipline.